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Welcome to the Organic World Foundation! Every day, 1 Billion people go to bed hungry and 25.000 people die of starvation. The industrial agriculture paradigm doesn’t nourish the world. We need to show that the organic paradigm can! Let us facilitate Availability and Access to Adequate food that is produced truly sustainable. Thanks for engaging with us for the vision of a healthy planet.

Latest News:

19 May 2014:

OWF brochures available

OWF updated its institutional brochure and launches a new brochure...
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1 May 2014:

OWF warmly welcomes Heiko Specking

Heiko Specking, former Head of Philanthropy of a big Swiss Bank is appointed...
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15 March 2014:

OWF partners with EAT

“Feeding the world, sustainably” this is the common vision of OWF and the EAT...
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